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Board of Directors

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce is fortunate to have a devoted team of volunteers leading the way - our Board of Directors. These enthusiastic individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise from different sectors of our membership, ensuring that we effectively represent the diverse needs and interests of our business community.

Each Board member possesses a unique skill set that they generously contribute to the Chamber's success. From seasoned entrepreneurs to financial experts, marketing gurus to community leaders, our Board reflects the dynamic tapestry of Washington County's business landscape.

This varied composition enables the Board to make informed decisions, develop strategic initiatives, and advocate for programs that benefit all our members. Their unwavering commitment ensures that the Chamber continues to be a strong advocate for local businesses, fostering economic growth and promoting a thriving environment for all.

Thus, making the Chamber the Voice of Business in Washington County!


Ryan Buchanan

Board President

Skyline Suites


coming soon

Vice President


Courtney W

Courtney Williams


Tina Sweeney


Home Roots



Board Member

El Camino's Restaurant




Zack Richards

Board Member

Knapp Miller Brown

Courtney Stahl

Courtney Stahl

Board Member

Washington County Building Dept.


Nicolas Weymouth

Board Member

Titan Tint & Graphics

Steering the Ship: How the Board Governs and Empowers the Chamber

The dedicated Washington County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors serves as the governing body for our organization. Here's how they navigate this critical responsibility:

  • Charting the Course:  The Chamber's strategic plan is established through collaborative discussions and informed decision-making, considering the current economic climate, member needs, and future aspirations. This plan outlines the organization's goals and priorities. 
  • Leveraging Expertise: Each board member's unique skill set is crucial in this process. Their insights from different sectors ensure that the strategic plan is all-inclusive, catering to the various needs of our membership.
  • Passing the Torch: After finalizing the strategic plan, the Board entrusts the task of execution to the CEO of the Chamber. This approach helps the Board to concentrate on long-term vision and strategic oversight while allowing the CEO to translate the plan into actionable steps by making the executive decisions to best move the organization and community forward. 
  • Constant Dialogue: The Board and CEO have an effective and collaborative working relationship. The Board offers valuable guidance and support to the CEO, and in turn, the CEO keeps them informed about the progress made towards achieving the set goals. This approach ensures efficient execution of the strategies and enables the Board to modify the strategic plan if required.

In essence, the Board acts as the architect, meticulously designing the blueprint for success, while the CEO assumes the role of the builder, translating the plan into a thriving Chamber that benefits all our members.